GW 24 Review

There was a lot of great action this week. Newcastle found some of it’s form and got 3 points, which might be more impressive if it was not Aston Villa. Manchester United, once again, came back from being behind. Tottenham continue to struggle against Norwich. Reading came back in the last 8min to tie Chelsea. But what I consider the most surprising result, QPR held Man City scoreless!

So how did the KFC team do?

The average of all teams this week was 41 and we not only beat that, but got the third highest total in or league. Our defensive star was budget buy Davies. He pulled out our only shutout and was frequently pushing up to help attack.

Cole and Lennon were two of the new additions to our team. We decided to sit Lennon because of the rough history Tottenham have had with Norwich. Cole did not get any more points than Lennon, but the Norwich game was definitely another frustration. Mata was out big winner this week. He got a goal and an assist and 3 bonus points. Unfortunately he was only our Vice Captain.

RVP did not make it to the score sheet this week, but you can’t be on every week, especially when Rooney is on form like he was today. Sturridge also got an assist so he is shaping up to be a nice pickup from Liverpool.

Don’t forget, Liverpool and Swansea have a Double Game Week on week 26 now! We’ll post more about that soon and get the updated Defense and Attacking numbers posted.


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