KFC Fantasy MLS Team – Week 1

Well, here we are. After all of the waiting the 2013 MLS season is just around the corner. I have to say that it’s been a lot of fun putting together this site and I’m glad to see that some people are finding the resources helpful. We’ll be doing our best to keep things up-to-date over the coming weeks and keep sending feedback. 
Now, if you have been wondering what our starting team for the 2013 MLS Fantasy season is and the reason why we picked each player, you’ll have to read more after the break. ?;^) Continue reading


KFC’s Fantasy MLS Captain Picks – Game Week 1


UPDATE: 2/27 4:00PM – Mauro Rosales Added

Well, we’re 3 days from kickoff. I hope that everyone is getting close to finalizing their teams, and that our resources have helped. If you are still trying to find some players, take a moment to look over our past “Players to Watch” articles: Keepers, Defenders, Midfielders, and Forwards.

If you have your team, it’s time to start thinking about Captains and Vice Captains. With no information to look at for this season, the field is pretty wide open. So I’ll take a look at some of the big point generators from last year and games they will be playing.

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Fantasy MLS: Players to Watch – Forwards


This is the final part of our “Players to Watch” series. If you are interested in seeing the other 3, please check out our articles about Keepers and Defenders and Midfielders. And as always, don’t forget to look at our other MLS Fantasy resources and Join our KCF MLS Fantasy league!

Now, what you’ve been waiting for. I thought the forwards list was the hardest one to create. There are not many new forwards in the league and many of the big name players are already on people’s short lists. So I decided to focus on players who are under $8.5m (budget picks at the very bottom). These are going to be the guys who are going to be good 2nd options in your running 2 up front or maybe a value options if you are going with 3. Regardless, I think you should still have one of the $9.0m+ in your lineup. Now the list… Continue reading

Fantasy MLS: Players to Watch – Midfielders

MidfieldersIf you missed the last two posts in our “Players to Watch” series, please check out our articles about Keepers and Defenders. And don’t forget to look at our other MLS Fantasy resources and Join our KCF MLS Fantasy league!

Fantasy MLS midfielders are they players who generate the most points as a group. They can really be the bread and butter of your team and good vice captain choices. There are several obvious options in the $9.0+ range, but it’s not possible to have 5 guys in that range. So here are some of the lower priced options that show some promise and could be a nice differential. Continue reading

Join the KFC Fantasy MLS League

KFC CrestAre you new to Fantasy MLS, a veteran, or just someone looking for a league to join? We’ve just opened our public Fantasy MLS league and would love to have you join.

So keep checking back for more updates and see how you compare to other fantasy managers.



Fantasy MLS: Players to Watch – Defenders

DefendersA few days ago we posted our articles about Keepers to watch. Today we’re moving to defenders. Almost all of these defenders have transferred into the MLS this year. All of them have past performances that suggests they could do well in the MLS and for Fantasy MLS managers. Not all of them are starters, but those who do not are definitely going to be challenging for starting spots during the season. Continue reading

Fantasy MLS article updates

A couple of updates since out last post.


I spend a lot of time in the Reddit r/FantasyMLS subreddit (which you all should join) and after a bit of discussion, I decided another keeper needed to be added to the watch list, Bill Hamid. Go checkout the updated article to see if he could be a keeper option for your Fantasy MLS.

The second update is to the No Game and Double Game week chart. A couple of games have been moved around and that changed some of the weeks where teams have a Double Game. I’d like to think that this was because they saw how many double games they have through the season, but I doubt it. Double games are great for Fantasy MLS so I’ll take it!

We’ll have the KFC Defender watch list posted in the next day or so, so keep checking back for more updates and tips. Or, like our Facebook Page.