KFC MLS Fantasy Difficulty Chart: Week 6 – Week 11

As I said last week, the values for this chart will be changing after week 6 in order to make it be more in line with “general performance expectations.” There is a post on the r/FantasyMLS subreddit where anyone is welcome to provide input for this modification. Here is the Direct Link to the thread. When using the chart this week, please be sure to take into consideration the current form that a team is in.

This chart displays how difficult the next 6 games will be for a team. Difficulty is ranked from 1 to 5 (1 easiest 5 hardest) and an advantage is given to a team that is playing at home.

If you would like to get see the first draft of our Form based Difficulty chart , you can find that here.

The chart can be read as: Team “X” on the left is playing Team “Y” in a Game Week at Home or Away. Double games will also be included when they come up. Chart inspired by Fantasy Football Mad.

Difficulty Chart GW 6 – GW 11


KFC MLS Fantasy Team – Week 5

Good evening everyone. Sorry this post, as the others this week, was late. I actually just decided on the last trade so I really could not have posted it earlier. The decision was swayed by conversations in chat and on the r/FantasyMLS site. I never pass up an opportunity to learn something new and the continued growth of this community has been great. You all make us want to keep updating this site, so thanks! Now the team! Continue reading

KFC’s MLS Fantasy Captain picks – Week 5

captain-MLSIf you’re like us, you are breathing a sigh of relief to see so many players coming back from international duty injury free (sorry Keane owners). We’re down one of our normal captain picks this week, but we have a lot of the regulars back. The only concern many people will have is are the internationals fit enough for a full 90min? We think many of them are but would love to hear your thoughts. Keep reading to see our picks. Continue reading

KFC’s Fantasy MLS Forward picks – Week 5


As we mentioned last week, forwards have been pretty hit or miss so far and that does not look to be changing any time soon, especially with the return of some of the big time midfielders. We really only have 1 main forward recommendation, and he’s on a bye this week.

Big 3
Chris Wondolowski (HOU v SJ), Robbie Keane (TOR vs LA), and Thierry Henry (NY vs PHI).

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KFC’s Fantasy MLS Midfielder picks – Week 5


As most managers are probably starting to figure out, Midfielders are the cash cows of fantasy MLS. You don’t have to worry about the -4 from a goal, but you can still rack up bonus points, goals, and assists. They really can be the whole package, if you are able to pick the right ones. This was a particularly hard week for us to decide on midfielders, but we managed to decide on a few.

Big 3
Mike Magee (TOR v LA), Graham Zusi (MON vs SKC), and Sebastien Le Toux (NY vs PHI).

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KFC’s Fantasy MLS Defender picks – Week 5


Just like keepers, defenders had a pretty good this week thanks to several clean sheets. That’s always a good result when your team is worrying about loosing players to International duty. But everyone should be back for week 5, unless injured, and this should help defenses perform more to expectations.  Keep in mind that Columbus and DC are not playing next week. I know some people have been happy with the returns some of their players have provided. Oh and Chicago is on a bye too….but I guess that just concerns Berry owners.

Big 3
Aurélien Collin (SKC v MON), Omar Gonzalez (TOR vs LA), and Jeff Parke (NY vs PHI).

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KFC’s MLS Fantasy Keeper picks – Week 5


Six teams were able to keep clean sheets this week, which make it pretty decent for keepers.  The International call-ups really hurt many defenses, especially those who lost keepers, yeah I’m looking at you Chicago…OUCH! A couple of the big names are on bye this week and a few tough matches makes it hard to find some standout picks.

Big 3
Troy Perkins (SKC v MON), Jimmy Nielsen (SKC vs MON), and Tally Hall  (HOU vs SJ).

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