KFC’s MLS Fantasy Captain picks – Week 6

captain-MLSGame week 6 has snuck up on us. If you do not already know, it starts Friday night! So, we’re trying to get this article out a little early. Normally we like to look at the poll results to help make final decisions, so be sure to check out the poll if you have not already…It’s at the bottom of this page.


  • Federico Higuaín
    Columbus had a bye last week, but Higuain has excellent bonus point generation and also presents a scoring threat. Philadelphia are not as strong, defensively, as DC was in Week 4, so Higuain should have more opportunities to play the ball into the box.
  • Thierry Henry
    He’s had a problem scoring so far this semester, but Chicago has had a problem with everything. If he’s going to continue his comeback from last week, this will be the team to do it against.
  • Robert Earnshaw
    Earnshaw has 4 goals in the last 3 games and is playing at home. Toronto is not he team they were last year and Dallas could have their hands full with them.
  • Graham Zusi
    Even without a game 1 hat-trick, Zusi is still leading the league in points. He’s a top captain pick not just because he can score, but because he has the best bonus point generation of any other player. This means he can give good returns even when not getting on the score sheet.
  • Brad Davis
    After his short break playing for the USMNT, Davis has come back with a great performance last week and reminded everyone why he was the top scoring midfielder last year.
  • David Ferreira
    He has great attacking numbers and has the most assists in the league. Toronto are better than they were, but Dallas has been in excellent form, and Ferreira is a big reason why.
  • David Ferreira
    He has great attacking numbers and has the most assists in the league. Toronto are better than they were, but Dallas has been in excellent form, and Ferreira is a big reason why.
  • Aurélien Collin
    Collin has great defensive numbers this season, and his skills will be needed in SKC’s game against DC. If they can get a clean sheet, this could be some big points.
  • Matt Hedges
    Another great defensive player with excellent numbers. His game against Toronto should be easier than SKC’s game against DC, so we think the clean sheet chance also goes up. And a clean sheet captain can be big points.
  • Nick Rimando
    A keeper is always a risky captain pick. 1 goal can destroy your chances for big pints. Real Salt lake is playing against Colorado this weekend, and that does seem like a matchup that is in Rimando’s favor.

Top 3

  • Graham Zusi
    So far he has been Mr. Reliable. Can’t pass him up as out top pick when he looks so good and is at home.
  • Federico Higuaín
    Another great option who is always producing the kind of bonus points we love to see. His numbers are not quite as good as Zusi’s, but they are close.
  • David Ferreira
    We love the attacking and passing numbers that Ferreira has. It would be even better is he was at home, but Toronto can be beaten by a team on the road.


  • Robert Earnshaw
    He has 4 goals in 3 games, but two of those have been from PKs. Dallas has only earned 3 yellows all season, so he may not get that chance this weekend. But, he’s a good player and could surprise the Dallas defense.

So who do you think is a must have? Vote now and let everyone know.

These are my picks, if you think there should be more names on this list, please leave a comment or come to r/FantasyMLS and comment on the post. You can also leave a message on our Facebook page. Good Luck!


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