KFC MLS Fantasy Team – Week 7

*Breaking News* If you have not heard, the game for Montreal v Columbus has been postponed until Sunday the 14th. This is good news for all of you, including KFC, who own Higuain and are waiting to hear about his starting status.

Week 6 summary

Oof, what a rough week. Fantasy MLS can be harsh some times, but this is part of her charm. There were 3 main reasons we believe contributed to the KFC team not doing well last week. 1) Zusi and Higuain were quiet in their games. A big credit to the DC and Philly defense here. They stepped up and made it difficult for two of our key players to pull down the kind of numbers we expect. 2) Late goals from Toronto. No idea what happened here, but Toronto turned on the jets at the end of the game and put some major pressure on the Dallas defense. Since we had two players… 8 points up in smoke. 3) Finally, Clint Irwin was on our bench. This is not a call we regret and we were very pleased that he had a great game and a win, but 9 more points than Hamid! Overall we still beat the week average.

Week 7 Changes

Many managers could have a week 7 that looks more like out week 6 is they invested heavily in SKC players. Fortunately, we did not and only have Zusi on out bench. With the return of our LA players, we are able to easily field a full XI that we are pretty happy with. So this week, we just make 1 change.

Our change this week was all about value building and prep for the double game week in week 8. We wanted to bring in a New York player, but which one? Henry is expensive and would not work with our plan for getting more SKC players. We already have Dax, and no other midfielders really excite us. So that leaves Defense. The hot player from the NY defensive line is Jamison Olave and that’s who we picked. To bring him in we dropped Todd Dunivant.

Dunivant was out target for a few reasons. 1) Dallas has some good games coming up and a double game in week 11, so we decided to keep our two Dallas defenders. Houston is playing at home against Chicago, so keeping Taylor. So it was down to Glauber and Dunivant. Since our Dunivant was worth $5.1m and we needed the extra $0.1m to afford Olave, Glauber remains on our team. We also think the Dallas game will be a challenge for LA, so no problem with this move.

So with that change, we’re going to be running a 5-4-1 this week. Since we made this decision, there have been a couple of injury updates. Magee and Higuain are both listed as questionable. Still not worried. Both of these guys are traveling with their teams and there is still a good chance that they start. If not, We have Earnshaw and Brown on the bench. If we find out that Higuain will not play, we should have time to make a manager substitution after the Toronto game if Brown looks like the better point option.

All that is left is our captain. Did we say Houston vs Chicago earlier? Why yes I’ll captain Brad Davis then. Almost as easy as picking Zusi.

Week 8 Prep

We have been following price changes closely this week to make sure this plan will work. Currently, we are going bring in 2 SKC players to help us take advantage of the double game week. This means we are going to need to free up some cash, so we’ll have to find a player to cash in on. That’s the mission for week 8.

So that’s the KFC team for Week 7. What do you think? How did your team do? Want input on your team? Stop by r/FantasyMLS and post. There are many good members who can help out with questions. We are also now on Twitter @FantasyMLSTips. Feel free to tweet us too.


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