KFC’s MLS Fantasy Captain picks – Week 7

captain-MLSIf you’re like me, deciding on your captain can be one of the hardest decisions of the week. Especially since everyone’s favorite go-to captain, Zusi, will not be playing this week. Fortunately, there are several good matchups this week that offer tempting captain options. Early poll results have one clear favorite, but it all comes down to who you own in the end. So keep reading to see who we like and don’t forget to cast your vote in out poll at the bottom of the post!


  • Tally Hall
    The Houston defense looks to be in a good place for this weekend. Their previous home records and the current Chicago form means that any member of the Houston defensive unit could pay off. Tally Hall is one of those players. So if you’re willing to give the Captains armband to a keeper, this is your guy.
  • Thierry Henry
    He’s had a slow start to the year so far, but Ney York v DC is always going to be a big and exciting game. Both teams held nothing back a few weeks ago, and we expect the same here. If nothing else, Henry has a double game next week, so you can get him before his price goes up.
  • David Ferreira
    Another Dallas standout player, Ferreira does not get as many bonus points as Jackson or Jacobson, but he has a good record for goals as assists. If you have the cash, Ferreira is a good option for this week.
  • Dax McCarty
    The double game week and big dame vs DC also make Dax attractive as a captain, especially since he’s one of the highest scoring players for New York right now.  His more defensive nature also means that he could get some big bonus numbers this week (he got 3 in the last DC game).
  • Brad Davis
    Davis is one of the most popular picks for Captain this week. Houston is a beast at home, they are playing Chicago, and he had excellent point generation last season. Davis is just a quality player and is hard to pass up when Houston has such an attractive game.
  • Jackson
    Dallas has an attractive game against LA this weekend. They are in excellent form, are playing at home, and LA is coming of its CONCACAF match. Perhaps some tired or jet lagged players? Not sure, but Jackson’s been generating great numbers for his price.
  • Mike Magee
    Another one of the popular picks. Magee is the highest scoring midfielder and second highest in total points. I’ll be honest. Some of this can be luck and with Keane and Donovan back, his popularity may start to fall.
  • Federico Higuaín
    Hands down our favorite forward pick this season. BUT a big WARNING here. He is currently listed as questionable. We’re tracking some of his progress in this Thread, but he many not play. If he does. We love his bonus point generation and goal threat.
  • Robbie Keane
    Tapping him in our forwards article may have been a little premature. He’s had a bit of a slow start to the season and only 1 shot during the CONCACAF game this week. But still, Keane is a quality player and could be a handful for the Dallas defense.
  • Chris Wondolowski
    It’s hard to make a list without Wondo due to his performance last year. As our EPL friends like to say, “He’s the RVP or MLS.” That may be true, but San Jose is still recovering from early season injuries. As they get back to 100%, they will become more of a challenge. Wondo plays away at Portland this week, and they are not exactly know for keeping clean sheets.

Top 3

  • Brad Davis
    The game against Chicago is just too good to pass up. Davis easily gets our first pick for captain.
  • Dax McCarty
    This game could easily end in a tie again, but we like the history of bonus points Dax has with DC.
  • Patrice Bernier
    Not on the above list, but he came up in the discussionon r/FantasyMLS. With both teams having a good scoring record, more could come for either of them.


  • Federico Higuaín
    Higuain would have easily been our number 3 pick, but with his questionable status, he’s becoming more of a differential pick. Be sure to check before the game because since Columbus are playing first, you will have time to see the lineup and make a change to your team before it gets locked.

So who do you think is a must have? Vote now and let everyone know.


These are my picks, if you think there should be more names on this list, please leave a comment or come to r/FantasyMLS and comment on the post. You can also leave a message on our Facebook page. Good Luck!



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