KFC’s Fantasy MLS Midfielder picks – Week 8 (Double Game Special)


There were a few new midfield names on last week’s dream team, and this is a good thing because 2 of them were from New York. There are two midfielders that we think are must haves for week 8, and they will most likely be very valuable as another double game week approaches in week 11. Obviously, our first must have is Graham Zusi the other is Dax McCarty. But, we’re not going to recommend a 2 midfielder formation, so you’ll need at least a couple more. That’s what we focus on below.

Big 3
Graham Zusi (DGW) Mike Magee (LA vs SKC), and Brad Davis (TOR vs HOU).

Keep reading for the rest.

Dax McCarty (New York) vs Kansas City/New England
Price: $8.5m
Owned by: 14.1%

As mentioned above, Dax is the other midfielder that we think is a must have for this week. Not only did he make it into the dream team last week, but he’s also the 2nd highest scoring midfielder and a key element for the Red Bulls. Many of his bonus points have also come from defensive actions. We find this an attractive trait considering that the first game is against Kansas City.

Oriol Rosell Argerich (Kansas City) vs New York/Los Angeles
Price: $6.7m
Owned by: 8.9%

We’ve seen a spike in the Feilhaber transfers since his 2 assists a couple of weeks ago. BUT, we think that Rosell is a better pick for your money. He is under $7.0, has a better point average (without the 2 assist outlier), and is defensively minded. Since Kansas City is playing 2 away games, defensive points could rack up quickly. Overall he’s a solid SKC option if you prefer to double up in midfield instead of defense.

Jackson Goncalves (Dallas) vs Vancouver
Price: $8.1m
Owned by: 12.1%

Jackson may be the player we have listed, but honestly, it’s very close between any of the big 3 Dallas midfielders. It’s obvious that Dallas is in great form right now, and having their players has been key to many of the top managers. All of them have good point generation and it really just comes down to cash. Jacobson is the cheapest at $6.2 and Ferreira is the most expensive at $9.2. So pick whichever ones work with your budget best.


Edgar Mejia (Chivas) vs Real Salt Lake
Price: $7.2m
Owned by: 5.0%

We find it a bit strange that Mejia does not have a higher ownership. He is reasonably priced, Chivas is in better form than last year, and he is currently is the top 10 of midfield point earners. If you want someone even cheaper this week, take a look at Joaquin Oscar Velázquez at $4.9. That could help bring some more SKC and NY players this week.

These are our picks, if you think there should be more names on this list, please leave a comment or come to r/FantasyMLS and comment on the post. You can also leave a message on our Facebook page or you can find us on Twitter @FantasyMLSTips. Keep checking back for more updates through the week for other positions


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