Late Week 8 Captain Change

For those of you who have been keeping up with the chatter at /r/FantasyMLS, you know that a lot of it has centered around captains. Through various discussions, number crunching, and videos, we’ve decided to change our captain pick for this week.

If you saw our Week 8 team, you noticed that we had Zusi captained, we have now given the armband to Jamison Olave.

This started after spending a couple of nights worrying about SKC having two away games. Last night, MLS released its Starting Lineup Fantasy video for week 8. In the video they tap several NY players for captain, but no mention of Zusi. This was a little frustrating because we wanted to know what reason people had for not picking Zusi.

Fortunately our friend Cullly from and TotalFPL was wondering the same thing and made a very good post about it on Reddit. Check it out if you want all the details and see if it sways your decision too.


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