KFC’s Fantasy MLS Defender picks – Week 9


If you decided to go defender heavy last week, you should have ended with a good result if you took some of our advice. Kansas City had an amazing game against New York and Dallas continued is streak against Vancouver. If you had the two highest point earners from Dallas and SKC, you got to enjoy 44 points!

This week, there are several promising match-ups for defenders. Still, we’re going to say that you need to keep an eye on SKC and Dallas players due to the double game coming up in Week 11. In fact, if you don’t have 1 to 2 defenders from SKC and Dallas, you really need to work on that. After the break, we’ll focus on some players to look at if you can’t afford to go heavy with SKC and Dallas or if you want to replace that 5th man.

Big 3
Omar Gonzalez (RSL v LA), Aurélien Collin (SKC v POR), and Parke (NE v PHI).

Keep reading for the rest.

Jamison Olave (New York) vs Toronto
Price: $6.1m
Owned by: Under 17.6%

Olave is on this list because we wanted to make a case for why we think you should consider keeping him. Yes, he did go off injured, but it seems to be minor as he came back for the end of the New England game. He’s still a monster when it comes to bonus points and New York do not have an awful schedule, even though 2 away games, going into the double game week in 11 (Toronto and Columbus).

Bobby Boswell (Houston) vs Colorado
Price: $5.9m
Owned by: 9.3%

If you are looking to cash in on someone like Olave or Besler, Boswell is your man. Houston is a beast at home and Colorado will be lacking a key offensive player with Deshorn Brown injured. The loss of Taylor will hurt Houston, but Boswell has been a big presence on the field and has come down in price a bit. A clean sheet looks very possible and that could mean an easy 7-8 points.

Karl Ouimette (Montreal) vs Chicago
Price: $4.0m
Owned by: 2.8%

A few injuries have helped some cheap players make their way into the starting lineups for several teams and Montreal is no different. Ouimette has played a full 90min for the last 3 weeks and has some respectable numbers. Chicago should be an easy home game for Montreal and Ouimette is an ideal candidate if you want to move some cash out of your back line.


Eric Brunner (Houston) vs Colorado
Price: $4.6m
Owned by: 0.5%

I’ll just start out and say that this pick is a real long shot. Houston will need to replace Taylor and Brunner did come on after he was sent off. Perhaps he will get a start against Colorado. Is so, they will be a huge surprise for the 0.5% of managers who own him. Especially if they come away with another clean sheet.

These are our picks, if you think there should be more names on this list, please leave a comment or come to r/FantasyMLS and comment on the post. You can also leave a message on our Facebook page or you can find us on Twitter @FantasyMLSTips. Keep checking back for more updates through the week for other positions.


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