KFC’s MLS Fantasy Captain picks – Week 15

captain-MLSI think many people thought this week would be an easy one for picking a captain. But not that it’s time to choose, the small pool of available players is giving some problems. Before you make your choice, keep one thing in mind. As the season goes on, many teams tend to become similar. This makes differential choices and captain picks more important. If you’re able to make a guess (informed or not) about who your competition might be picking, you could get a chance to make up some ground.

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Keep reading to see who our picks are.


  • Federico Higuaín
    He came up with nothing the first time Columbus played Philly this year, but he’s been on good form recently and Philly has given up almost 2 goals during each of their past home games, good option.
  • Jack McInerney
    Jack Mac does one thing, score goals. He has the most this season and got one the last time Philly played Columbus. He’s another good option.
  • Diego Fagundez
    This is the hot forward right now. He’s scored in his last four games, and is going up against a struggling DC team this week (and that’s almost enough reason to pick him).
  • Javier Morales
    Morales has been playing well recently and would normally be a good pick for a home game. But LA is a bit hard to read and it’s doubtful they will let as many slip through as they did last week.
  • Mike Magee
    Magee came through with a goal last week, but that was against DC, this week it’s Portland, and they should put up more of a fight. This makes Magee not as promising this week.
  • Amobi Okugo
    He has consistent points, but not big points. You might get 5 out of him, but we think there are better options.
  • Jose Goncalves
    This is most people’s number one pick. He’s play against a DC team that has only scored one goal on the road and has good bonus point generating potential. It’s obvious why he’s a popular pick and the safest pick.
  • Djimi Traore
    Traore got nine points last week and many people may hope he gets similar results against Vancouver. But Vancouver is not as much of a pushover as they may have seemed earlier in the year.
  • Bobby Shuttleworth
    Is it a like a broken record yet? He’s going up against DC and they are just bad. A clean sheet seems very possible, but if they can’t shoot Shuttleworth can’t get saves. He might not be as tempting as other choices.

Top 3

  • Jose Goncalves
    DC is bad, that’s almost reason enough. Combine that with a home game, bonus point potential, and the fact that New England is tied for 2nd for the fewest goals conceded at home, that makes him a top pick for us.
  • Bobby Shuttleworth
    If you’re a little more adventurous, Shuttleworth stands a good chance to get a clean sheet, If he can rack up some saves as well, that could turn into a nice score.
  • Diego Fagundez
    The most risky of our three top picks. Fagundez will need to score and at some point that will not happen. But many people do not think that will be against DC and if he can grab goals and assists like last week, that will be a sweet captain score.


  • Federico Higuaín
    He plays more of a midfield role, so he can gets assists as easy as goals, and he takes PK. Most likely Jack Mac will be the top pick for non-New England players, so he could be a nice may to makeup points.

These are our picks, if you think there should be more names on this list, please leave a comment or come to r/FantasyMLS and comment on the post. You can also leave a message on our Facebook page or you can find us on Twitter @FantasyMLSTips. Keep checking back for more updates through the week for other positions. Good Luck!


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