KFC’s MLS Fantasy Player Roundup – Week 23


It’s time for this week’s roundup. This one actually took a lot of thought because so many teams are actually playing pretty well, or at least better than they were (check out our Form Charts to see what we mean). This will be a good week to have a good core of reliable players, but don’t forget to grab some differentials if you are trying to gain some spots. And remember, many Gold Cup players are starting to come back.

If you want to see more, keep reading after the break. But please join the discussion at r/FantasyMLS, that’s where a lot of planning is made and last second decisions finalized. If you have questions, please stop by!


We think there are several good option this week for keepers. Now, unless you decided to clean house this week, we’re going to assume that most people have at least 1 double game keeper from last week. The most owned of those keepers was Irwin (who does have a home game this week against LA) but we think Bobby Shuttleworth’s away game against DC is the better match.

But what if you don’t have one of those keepers? There are three other keepers who we think have excellent chances for clan sheets this week. The first is Tally Hall ($14.4% @ $5.9m). Houston has allowed fewer than 10 home goals this season while Chicago has only scored 5. Magee is always a factor, but Houston could be getting some of their home form back. Next is Andrew Weber (0.1% @ $4.9m) from Seattle. Gspurning is injured so Weber has become a great differential this week. He may have allowed a goal last week, but this week he’s playing Chivas, and they have had a hard time scoring on the road. Finally, we like Luis Robles (5.8% @ $5.6m). He may have one of the harder games against RSL, but New York has an excellent home record so this match could result in some high bonus points.


We think the defender spot is a good place to go with some typical big names and shoot for clean sheets this week. Jose Goncalves, Jamison Olave, and Jermaine Taylor are three of the top obvious options. If you want to have some attacking chance this week, we still like Nathan Sturgis (6.0% @ $4.7m) because LA has just not been able to get it together on the road. Also, don’t forget that Rodney Wallace (8.1% @ $5.1m) is not back from the gold cup and could be a nice differential…until everyone else notices. Finally, if you really want a differential player, take a look at Josh Williams (13.7% @ $5.3m). How can a 13.7% player be a differential? Well he was only owned by 1 manager in the top only owned him 100 last week, so we think most of his ownership is from inactive teams.


Midfielder’s have it rough this week. Many of the good teams are playing away games and that lowers their chances for goals. So who are the best options? It’s no surprise that Javier Morales is rising to the top. RSL may have a tough game against New York, but RSL have the best away form in the league right now and Morales is a key player. Next is Grahan Zusi. SKC has really turned their record around after they came back form their two game break a few weeks ago. They are playing Montreal who have just been disappointing overall lately. We also think it’s still worth having Mike Magee. Even with a tough game against Houston, he’s always a threat.

But there have to be some other players right? Yup. Lee Nguyen (4.7% @ $8.4m) has had a few good games over the past few weeks and the game against DC is another good opportunity for him to shine. Russell Teibert (3.7% @ $5.3m) has just returned from the Gold Cup and is already back on tract with an assist last week. Vancouver does play well at home so he could be a great differential.


Forwards were easy for us this week. We only really like 2 players: Camilo Sanvezzo and Federico Higuaín. They are numbers 1 and 2 in the league and we don’t think much explanation is needed for them. You can take a look at Obafemi Martins if you want to give a caparoo a shot, but Chivas have been defensively tough recently. 

Final thoughts

• Have you used your wildcard yet? The deadline is coming soon for it.

• Keep an eye on the returning Gold Cup players, they could provide a big boost and should have frozen prices for a short time.

• Might be hard for a caparoo this week.

• This could be a good week for defenders and keepers.

These are our picks, if you think there should be more names on this list, please leave a comment or come to r/FantasyMLS and comment on the post. You can also leave a message on our Facebook page or you can find us on Twitter @FantasyMLSTips. Keep checking back for more updates through the week for other positions. Good Luck!


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