KFC’s Week 30 Captain Poll

captain-MLSDon’t forget, the transfer deadline is Today so be sure to get all of your trades in and captain set.

Have you decided on your captain yet? Be sure to vote and see how your pick does before finalizing you team. Also, if you would like to join the discussion, be sure to visit the thread at /r/FantasyMLS.

Keep reading for our top picks and the poll. Don’t forget to vote below!

Our top captain picks are the following:

  • The safe pick: Jamison Olave
  • Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde pick: Mike Magee
  • Caaroo Pick:  Your Favorite Seattle Player
  • Differential pick: Steven Caldwell

I hate to even suggest it, because it seems like he always burns me, but Olave does look to have a promising game considering Toronto’s away form. Mike Magee seems like the easy #1 pick for captain this week, but with him listed as questionable, you’ll need to check before you go with him. Fortunately, Chicago plays the first game so you should be able to change your team if he is not in the lineup. I think Seattle makes the most sense for a Caparoo pick. They are the only game on the 14th, are Home, and are in excellent form. They have a lot of good options so go with your favorite (I like the misfield most). FInally, if you feel really brave, I think Steven Caldwell is the only choice from Toronto but he’s definitely a long shot.

Who are you picking? Don’t forget to vote below!


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