Kentucky Football Club has moved and is now MLS Fantasy Boss


Just like MLS teams, Kentucky Football Club has gone through some changes during the offseason. I’m now excited to be able to say that we have officially moved to a new home. You can find all of our new posts at

The site looks better, our name makes more sense, we have a new Twitter account, and I’ve even launch a new feature that  hope everyone will enjoy (Live Chat).

I also want to thank everyone who has visited our site in the past and all of the members of the /r/FantasyMLS subreddit. You are a great community to be a part of and make this a fun hobby to have.

So update your bookmarks and visit now.


Important Rule Changes for 2014 MLS Fantasy Season


Unless you have been living under a rock today, you know that the 2014 MLS Fantasy Manager season has started and you can begin re-registering your teams or take the plunge into your very first season.

Regardless if you are old or new, there are a few rules changes that I want to point out that I want to make sure everyone knows. Keep reading after the break to see everything. Continue reading

2014 MLS Schedule Chart with Byes and Double Game Weeks



The title may be a bit long, but basically this means that I have updated the charts on the MLS Fantasy Resources page. 

What exactly has been changed well, keep reading after the break to find out. Continue reading

Most Important Stats of 2013


Last month I posted some stats from the 2013 MLS season. Since then, I’ve done a little more work and I’m ready to talk what we can learn from this data. Specifically, I took a look to see which stats were most related to a player’s final total score. The idea was that by identifying the stats that contribute the most to a player’s score, I could find some promising bargains for the 2014 season.

If you like to see the results, Keep Reading after the break. Continue reading