2014 MLS Schedule Chart with Byes and Double Game Weeks



The title may be a bit long, but basically this means that I have updated the charts on the MLS Fantasy Resources page. 

What exactly has been changed well, keep reading after the break to find out.

OK, so if you just want to se the stuff, just go to our MLS Fantasy Resources page now. If you want a little heads up on the new content here’s a list.

  1. Season Chart – This is the one I know everyone really wants. It charts all of the games for the 2014 season. Home and Away games are displayed with Uppercase and lowercase text. Additionally, Bye weeks, Double Game weeks, and … TRIPLE Game weeks are also highlighted on the chart. There is also a special treat just below that I think everyone will like.
  2. Form Chart – In progress. The new form charts will begin where the 2013 season left off. This means that teams will start at the same difficulty values that they ended the year on. This may be less accurate at first, but I believe it is better than me assigning the values.
  3. Game Difficulty Chart – The game difficulty chart has been removed because is was based on purely subjective information.
  4. Home & Away Game Rotation – This chart has just been updated with new information. It displays how well players from 2 teams would rotate with each other is you wanted to maximize having a Home player. This is particularly useful for Defenders and Keepers. 

That’s it. I hope everyone enjoys the updates!


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