Important Rule Changes for 2014 MLS Fantasy Season


Unless you have been living under a rock today, you know that the 2014 MLS Fantasy Manager season has started and you can begin re-registering your teams or take the plunge into your very first season.

Regardless if you are old or new, there are a few rules changes that I want to point out that I want to make sure everyone knows. Keep reading after the break to see everything.

OK, so I’m going to try to put these in the order that I think is most important. If I miss anything, just let me know and I’ll be sure to add it so everything is covered.

1. Prize Eligibility

Residents in ALL 50 US States are eligible for prizes this year. This was a big concern for many players, especially those on /r/FantasyMLS, who finished in the top 200 only to find out that they lived in a state that made them ineligible for a prize.

Eligibility: To participate in any of the Games shown below, you must be an individual who resides in one of the fifty (50) United States of America or Canada and must be at least the age of majority in your jurisdiction of residence for the duration of the Games.

2. The Prizes

Last year MLS gave out prizes to the top 200 Fantasy Managers. This year, that number has been reduced, but the value of many of these prizes is greater. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Overall Top 10 (Gift Cards and Goodies)
  • Highest scoring Managers in each Supporters League (Gift Cards – 21 total)
  • Private Leagues w/ 750+ members (Gift Cards)
  • Full details here:

3. The Bandsen Rule

Last year, there was much discussion about players with Multiple teams. In the eyes of the Fantasy MLS community, the worst offender was the Brandsen Clan. It was believed that one played was playing an entire “Family” of accounts and just making slight changes to hedge bets. This year the prize rules also state:

Only one winner per household and only one team per user.

I’ve submitted a question to Ben Jata to confirm that this rule indeed pertains to players who live in the same location as disclosed on the prize affidavit. It’s not a 100% fix to the problem, but it’s better than last year. #BandsenRule 

4. Game Format

Simply put, there will not be a playoff for the 2014 MLS Fantasy season. Everything ends after week 33. I’ll take this moment to add that the KFC Official team was the highest scoring team during the 2013 MLS Playoff portion last year 😉

5. General Team Management Changes

Several changes have been made to the number of options you have for managing your team:

  • Last year a MLS team consisted of 15 players bought with a budget of $100m. This year the number has increased to 18 players bought with a budget of $120m.
  • Max player cap from each team has been increased from 3 to 4
  • Vice captains are gone
  • Manager Substitutions seem unchanged
  • And most surprising….Automatic Substations are GONE!!!

6. Point Changes

I’m pretty happy with these changes overall.

  • A player will get 2 points for every penalty earned
  • Big Chances Flubbed are GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A player will get 1 point for each own goal assist
  • It has been suggested that a player will get 3 points for a 2nd assist. This is currently NOT in the Official MLS Scoring rules. (as of 2/5/14)

7. Worst Change of All

Just in case you did not realize it earlier…. no manager substitutions = NO Caparoo! It’s gone!

I think that covers everything. As I mentioned before, if I missed something, let me know here, on Twitter, or at /r/FantasyMLS and I’ll be sure to add it. If not, still stop by the Subreddit and join the discussion on any Fantasy topic. Here’s to a great 2014!


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