KFC Fantasy MLS Team – Week 1

Well, here we are. After all of the waiting the 2013 MLS season is just around the corner. I have to say that it’s been a lot of fun putting together this site and I’m glad to see that some people are finding the resources helpful. We’ll be doing our best to keep things up-to-date over the coming weeks and keep sending feedback. 
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Significant Defense and Attacking: Week 27

Even though the Double Game has not been played yet, we can still take a look at the numbers from week 26. So, here’s the list as it stands right now.

Week 26 Numbers

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Game Week 25 Team

Game week 25 is upon us, and we’ve waited until the very ed to decide on our trade.

Begovic -> OUT and Cesa -> IN

KFC Game Week 25 Team

Why swap keepers? Begovic and Stoke have been going down for several weeks now. With Mignolet on our team, we are already pretty confident that we still have a main keeper who is capable of saves and shutouts. Cesar, well, he’s a bit of an experiment. I’ve mentioned in several Stat articles how QPR have significant defensive numbers while being on the bottom of the table. This is a test of that

With our defense, the only decision that was tough was sitting O’Brian for Clyne. Wigan are not offensive powerhouses, but the play a defender at home idea echos through my head. Going with my gut on this one because West Ham have been declining when it comes to defensive performances and Mich is due some points.

As for the attacking 8. I decided to sit Sturrage this week. Why? Well, Man City at home, that’s why. I think that game is going to be rough and that Lennon and Cole migt have a better chance at getting some points than Sturrage does. Some members of the KFC team would not be sad to see this prediction proven wrong, but only time will tell.

Well, that’s the plan for this week. Good luck to everyone in the KFC league!

Significant Defense and Attacking: Week 25

Here’s the summary of Game Week 24’s defending and attacking numbers. A few changes to go over.

Game Week 25 DEF and ATK


Even with all of the scoring that took place in Week 24, eleven teams are now defending better than the league average.

Last week I mentioned that Sunderland and QPR were on the edge of the bubble of having significant better defensive numbers than most other teams. Both teams had shutouts in Week 24 and that gave a great boost to their stats. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Arsenal, their 2-2 draw with Liverpool has knocked them out.

So who’s significant now? Chelsea and Tottenham remain number 1 and 2 (Though the draw with Norwich did knock a chuck out of Tottenhams score), and Sunderland and QPR join them.

Both Sunderland and QPR have some good value players, if you are looking for some differentials.  Sunderland also has a nice run a game for the next several weeks, and QPR is not that bad either. They are worth a look.

At the other end of the table, Wigan, West Ham, and Aston Villa have defenses that are significantly poorer that the rest of the league. And Newcastle’s defense is even worst than them. They could have some good games, if the matchups are good, but you might want to wary of these players.


While the number of teams with better attacking numbers has increased, the save five remain significantly better, but in a different order: Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham, and Liverpool.

By scoring 8 goals in the last 2 weeks, Arsenal has jumped up to the number 2 spot, just under City.  That’s some good news if you are looking for Forwards that are under 9m.  Liverpool rounds out the top 5, but with a Double Game Week coming up for Week 26, you could see their numbers jumping up soon.

At the other end, Reading and Stoke have both not been able to turn their offenses around much and remain significantly poorer than the rest of the league Though, Adam Le Fondre has managed to get 5 goals in 3 games…so he could be a nice CHEAP differential if Reading ever decide to start him.

Those are our numbers for the weekend. Let us know what you think. Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/KFCFantasy

GW 24 Review

There was a lot of great action this week. Newcastle found some of it’s form and got 3 points, which might be more impressive if it was not Aston Villa. Manchester United, once again, came back from being behind. Tottenham continue to struggle against Norwich. Reading came back in the last 8min to tie Chelsea. But what I consider the most surprising result, QPR held Man City scoreless!

So how did the KFC team do?

The average of all teams this week was 41 and we not only beat that, but got the third highest total in or league. Our defensive star was budget buy Davies. He pulled out our only shutout and was frequently pushing up to help attack.

Cole and Lennon were two of the new additions to our team. We decided to sit Lennon because of the rough history Tottenham have had with Norwich. Cole did not get any more points than Lennon, but the Norwich game was definitely another frustration. Mata was out big winner this week. He got a goal and an assist and 3 bonus points. Unfortunately he was only our Vice Captain.

RVP did not make it to the score sheet this week, but you can’t be on every week, especially when Rooney is on form like he was today. Sturridge also got an assist so he is shaping up to be a nice pickup from Liverpool.

Don’t forget, Liverpool and Swansea have a Double Game Week on week 26 now! We’ll post more about that soon and get the updated Defense and Attacking numbers posted.

Game Week 24 Team

Game week 23 went great for us KFC! We ended up grabbing 73 points and were the 3rd highest point getter in our league. But this team was geared for the double games tat happened in Week 23, so now it’s time to shake things up.

Wild Card time!

Here’s the team:

Game Week 24 team

Game Week 24 team

Keeper: Szczesny -> OUT and Mignolet -> IN. This gives us the top 2 keepers and a good run of games. Begovic has been looking a little rough these last few weeks, so having a strong backup is important.

Defense: Zabaleta, Ivanovic, and Gibbs -> OUT and Martin R, Davies, and Pearce -> IN. We’re freeing up money for our attackers with this move. Martin R has been solid for the year and Norwich has pulled out some good defensive performances. Davies is a GREAT! defensive value. Swansea has  more solid over the past few weeks and Davies has shown he has a desire to pus up o help on offense. Pearce is bench fodder.

Midfield: Snodgrass, Nolan, Fellaini, and Sidwell -> OUT and Michu, Cole, Mata, and Lennon -< IN. Cleaning house here. Mata is a must have and Michu is not far behind. This gives us 3 big guns for the remained of the season. Cole played very well in the Double Game Week and Lennon makes things happen. They are also a good value to give us a little more cash for a front line.

Forwards: Berbatov -> OUT and Sturridge -> IN. e feel good about our forwards. Suarez moving back to a more attacking midfield position left us wanted someone for Liverpool who could take advantage of his service. Sturridge is that guy, and we are hoping for some good things from him.

That’s the team. As always, let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for things you’d like to see on the site.