KFC’s Week 34 Captain Poll

captain-MLSDon’t forget, the transfer deadline is Wednesday the 9th (Tomorrow) at 8:15pm so be sure to get all of your trades in and captain set.

Have you decided on your captain yet? Be sure to vote and see how your pick does before finalizing you team. Also, if you would like to join the discussion, be sure to visit the thread at /r/FantasyMLS.

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KFC’s MLS Fantasy Player Roundup – Week 34


It’s a quick turnaround for picks this week. Combine that with all the injuries, cards, Byes, and WCQ call ups making picks can be very tough this week. A lot of teams are going to be stuck with 4+ players who will not have games so pick wisely if you are taking -4s.

I’m going to try to keep this one short this week, mostly so I can keep my sanity, so I’ll try to cover everything.

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KFC’s Predictions & Power Rankings – Week 34


Here is the followup to last weeks Elo ranking article. Also, I’ve included some power rankings based on the Elo numbers. If you are curious about the Elo system, take a look at this article the explains it all.

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KFC’s MLS Fantasy Form Charts: Week 34 – Week 36


These are the  Form based Difficulty chart for Game Weeks 34-36. Also included is the latest form breakdown for Home and Away games. More discussion can be found at /r/FantasyMLSFeedback and suggestions are always welcomed. You can also reach us on Twitter at @FantasyMLStips.

Be sure to stop by /r/FantasyMLS if you have specific questions and see what others in the Fantasy MLS community think.

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